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White Wedding Altar


My ceremonies are exclusively designed just for you. ​

I have a particular interest in inter-faith, multi-cultural ceremonies, especially Greek marriage ceremonies.

​The style you choose for your ceremony is totally up to you as your ceremony needs to reflect you and your innermost feelings.  I can also design your ceremony so that it fits in with your overall wedding theme.

Seaside Villa


I specialise in Greek wedding ceremonies.

I am a Greek marriage celebrant which makes it easy for me to connect with my Greek couples and their families.
I speak fluent Greek and can conduct your marriage ceremony in both English and Greek.
I can also include the Stefana Crown Ceremony which is the most important ritual of a Greek wedding.


Reaffirm your vows and celebrate special anniversaries

​As your love grows deeper with each year, you may want to reaffirm your love and commitment to each other by reaffirming your vows.  You can renew your original vows or you can exchange new vows.

Special Anniversaries need to be celebrated in special ways.  I can help you mark your major milestone by conducting a ceremony where you and your friends can look back over the years, the good times and the challenging ones, that brought you to this point in time.  This ceremony is something for all the family to treasure.


You will be provided with many ideas and choices to make this ceremony special for everyone.

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