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Everyone dreams of what they would like for their wedding but when it comes to your wedding ceremony, let me turn your dream into reality. 

Begin your marriage with a ceremony that will charm you, your family and guests and one that you can treasure over the years.​

Showcase your own personal style, cultural background or religious beliefs with an exclusive ceremony designed just for you.

I give you an abundance of choice so your ceremony is just that, yours!  Whether it’s a simple ceremony or a lavish one, I will help you make it your own.

I am a Greek marriage celebrant - Sydney based - which means I can conduct your wedding ceremony in both English and Greek.

I am a member of industry associations which assist me  

in keeping up-to-date with the latest information and trends which is very important to me.  Active participation in relevant forums, conferences and regional meetings helps me to maintain my professional development.  You can be assured that I am up-to-date with everything to do with celebrancy!


Just call me to find out if I’m the right celebrant for you!

Beach Wedding


I love being a celebrant because I get to meet a variety of people and get the chance to make others happy - it's that simple!

​I am a hopeless romantic and being part of a joyous occasion simply makes me happy.  I am a natural born social butterfly which means I love to entertain and host events.  I have the gift of the gab and easily connect with people. ​

I believe in love, commitment and family, in all its forms and believe these have the power to cross all social barriers.   And I really do believe that love is the answer to all of life’s problems. 


I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with my wonderful husband of 35+ years and my two gorgeous children.  Despite our different cultural and religious backgrounds – I come from a Greek Orthodox background, while he comes from an Italian Catholic background – we have a great relationship which I’m very proud of.  Every day is a blessing and I am grateful for the love I share with my husband and children.


I like what George Sand once said as it sums up my own personal values:  “There is only one happiness in life – to love and be loved"

Maria Nati Greek Marriage Celebrant
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