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Famous Bondi Beach of Sydney

Sydney Wedding Venues - Parks & Reserves

Sydney offers so many beautiful and interesting locations for your ceremony and photographs.  There are so many wonderful locations dotted around our spectacular Sydney Harbour that are renown for their breathtaking views.  Likewise, our Sydney beaches are also some of the best in the world.  Our parks and reserves offer a unique experience for you and your guests that will be well remembered.

Most government managed locations require you to complete an application and pay a fee.  Just click on the links below for more information on each location.

One thing to remember is that outdoor locations are subject to the weather so it is advisable to make sure that you have a back-up location organised just in case.   Make sure you also have a plan on how you will let your guests know of the location change well in time before the ceremony.  You might like to think about setting up a Facebook page for your wedding early on which will keep your invited guests updated on how you're getting on with the wedding preparations and so on. 

Sydney's World Famous, Bondi Beach.​

Local Councils - Parks & Reserves


​Each Sydney local council has a different policy on the hiring of their parks and reserves.  Book your location as early as possible as the most popular are booked months in advance.

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens


​From picturesque lawns to speciality gardens to pavilions, the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens offers something for everyone.

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority


​Sydney Harbour hosts a number of weddings every weekend and why not, it's the best harbour in the world!

NSW National Parks & Reserves


​Sydney offers four national parks that have suitable locations for ceremonies.  Sydney Harbour National Park is the most popular of the national parks so book early. 

Historic Houses Trust


​Sydney has a number of historic houses that provide a nostalgic backdrop to your ceremony.

Other Authorities


​Unique ceremony locations managed by different associations.

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